The Power of Neural Training
The key to the next generation of high performance athletes


Athletic Intelligence Consulting
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Biomechanical analysis: 
AIC will be able to provide a comprehensive analysis of any stroke, start, or turn.  AIC will focus on the balance of the body from the core to the extremities and provide insight into areas of observed weaknesses.  In conjunction we’ll provide training remedies that would support the development of any weak areas and help the athlete develop a better sense of their neural connections.

Training analysis
Given enough information regarding your training breakdown and seasonal training progression, AIC will be able to interpret strength’s and weaknesses inherent in the training program.  In conjunction AIC will be able to provide options that might be better suited to athlete development within your environmental limitations.

Performance analysis
Provide AIC with a video (CD Rom form) of your most recent races and we will do a performance analysis that will evaluate race strategy, transition skills, and technique decay.  AIC will also study the math behind the performance and develop strategies that enhance the athletes ability to improve their racing strategy.
Connecting training to performance
Provide AIC with a combination of your recent races and your general training background, and we will be able to design training strategies and training goals to achieve peak performance.  By looking at both areas as one process, AIC will put together training strategies that will enhance the neural adaptation process and increase your chances of achieving your goals.


Stroke clinics
These clinics will be designed to develop an understanding of the core elements involved in each stroke.  They will be centered on developing balance and connectivity in the water and understanding how swimming with your body is far superior to just swimming with your arms and legs.  The key elements will be to help athlete understand the need to develop differing neural pathway connections and to become cognizant of what it takes to achieve effective change.

Understanding the brains contribution to performance
One of the key elements in developing better biomechanics, and superior training and racing habits is to understand how the brain manages everything we do.  In this presentation athletes will gain a much stronger understanding of how the brain is mapped from a young age and how crucial it is that the neural pathways are developed correctly and then maintained by effective techniques.

Understanding the math behind the performance
Racing is the end product of many weeks, months and sometimes years of training.  Not understanding how everything fits together to produce the performance leaves athletes and coaches in the dark as to what to do next.  Training harder isn’t always the key, training smarter is.  By understanding the math behind the performance coaches and athletes will become empowered to develop training strategies that enhance the neural process of performance and increase their chances of achieving their goals.

Training design
Just training harder never guarantees success.  Understanding the elements that contribute to success in sports and knowing how to develop them in a synchronized way will make your training program far more effective.  This area will look at a combination of land and water training,  as well how core stability and neural development on land and in the water combine to enhance periodization plans that breed success.


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